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28 September 2010 @ 10:37 pm
A very strange question...  


This is going to seem odd. And if you want to brick me, I understand. ><; I know this is a Korean community, but I have noticed that many of you have contacts/been to/live in Japan. I also couldn't find a community like this about Japan...

It's very last minute, but I am visiting some friends in Osaka, but cannot stay with them as they are doing renovations on their house (they are staying in a hotel). Reason why I am even going is because I am leaving for school early next year and will not have a chance to travel for a while.
I wanted to know if anyone here knew of a (very) cheap place to stay for about three weeks. One friend of mine is sick- another reason I am going in such a rush...but this means I will be low on cash.
I am a 19 year old American female. Clean, quite, am able to converse in Japanese (have been to Tokyo and surrounding cities, but never Osaka), and just really just need a place to sleep. I would be gone from the early morning to night. I am willing to clean, cook, do housework or pay a small amount of rent in place of me being there.
I am also looking into couch surfing sites, but wanted to check here, too.

Again, if this was the wrong place to post this, I will take it down. But just wanted to ask. Thank you so much. :]

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